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Full Time Audiology Job AL


3 months ago

Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

POSITION DUTIES: Serves as qualified professional audiologist whose primary duty is to provide clinical care in support of the Army Healthy Clinic (AHC) Audiology Clinic. Provides full range of audiology diagnostic and rehabilitative services for pediatric and geriatric patients as such as (1) full professional knowledge of contemporary clinical audiology for the incumbent to independently select, administer, and interpret a full range of consultative and diagnostic procedures for patients of all ages; (2) ability to diagnose degree of communication disorder created by hearing loss and other potentially complicating factors; (3) advanced knowledge of electrophysiological measures of hearing and balance in order to evaluate a variety of communications impairments; (4) advanced knowledge of contemporary aural rehabilitative measures and techniques; (5) ability to select, order, fit and evaluate hearing aid appropriateness of the fitting based upon objective and measurable criteria; (6) advanced knowledge of theoretical aspects of psychoacoustics in order to implement comprehensive audiologic test batteries; (7) advanced knowledge and skill to select and interpret, diagnostic tests in order to plan and develop a treatment plan for patients with severe (total loss) hearing impairment that is complicated by physical or emotional handicaps; (8) advanced knowledge of the effects of noise exposure on hearing ability and contemporary issues of prevention of hearing loss in order to manage the hearing conservation program; (9) advanced knowledge of psychological problems associated with hearing deficit and the counseling techniques in order to habilitate such problems; (10) advanced knowledge of national preferred clinic practice guidelines and algorithms; (11) advanced knowledge of diagnostic treatment protocols, non-technologic communication strategies, personal amplification, cochlear implants, and other assistive listening devices and the ability to evaluate, verify, and validate outcome measures for selected treatment plan; (12) advanced knowledge and ability to work in both an audiologic and interdisciplinary team environment (pediatrics/adult group aural rehabilitation, cleft palate, balance problems) and provide training and in-service to hospital personnel and others as needed; and (13) ability to accomplish administrative projects assigned by clinic supervisor. A large variety of guidelines are available for clinical activities. All clinical guidelines may not be applicable at all times, requiring judgment in interpreting and adapting the guidelines for individual situations. The incumbent uses initiative and resourcefulness in deviating from traditional methods or researching trends and patterns to develop new methods, criteria, or proposed new policies. 1. CLINICAL AUDIOLOGY EVALUATION/TREATMENT TESTING: Responsible for providing the highest echelon of Audiology services available in the Department of Defense (DOD). Evaluates the most difficult, involved, and complicated patients with communication disorders. Works with a wide variety of hearing disorders in neonate, infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. Assumes full professional responsibility for cases that are complex in terms of the severity of the hearing impairment and the presence of multiple handicaps which complicate the evaluation and treatment process. Cases often involve serious communication disorders, which may be closely related to other physical or mentally handicapping conditions. Familiar with Army Aviation Hearing Standards and fitness for duty as described in the aviation policy letter. Evaluates all DOD personnel referred by the Occupational Health Clinic and reports the result to the occupational health program manager. Many of these cases will be complex, to include resolution of functional hearing loss, separation of noise induced loss from other etiology and determination of fitness for various military duties. Responsible for ensuring that all servicemembers receiving comprehensive evaluation have a current DD Form 2215 or 2216 updated in their medical record and profiling or MEDPROS (Medical Protection System) update completed according to their respective service regulations (Army, Navy, Air Force and DOD). Responsible for independently providing quality Audiology services for all categories of patients eligible to receive healthcare to include complex work-ups on patients referred. Assesses the degree of hearing difficulties aging from infant to geriatric patients. Independently collects and integrates case history information from patient, family members, and other healthcare professionals. Has complete professional responsibility for all cases to include those that are complex in terms of the severity of the hearing impairment. Utilizes state-of-the-art technology to evaluate patients with inconsistent or conflicting test results. Provides clinical disposition of patients, to include referral to appropriate medical specialties and documenting hearing loss. Evaluates degree of physical profile status and fitness for initial and continued duty in various military occupations, and profile restrictions on DA Form 3349 for any two or three Serial hearing profiles IAW AR 40-501 and DA PAM 40-502. Ensures initiation of an MAR2 with completed Military Operational Hearing Test results for any soldier requiring an H3 hearing profile. Coordinates with physicians, military commanders, and civilian supervisors at all levels in reference to duty limitations, job reclassification, fitness for duty (for all aviation personnel), and compassionate reassignments. Selects appropriate tests to be included in audiologic test battery. Selects, administers, and interprets behavioral audiologic diagnostic test results, impedance testing, word recognition abilities, interprets impedance measure and otoacoustic emissions. Integrates and synthesizes test results, behavioral observations, and related information to develop diagnostic impression and make recommendations (including referrals to medical and/or rehabilitative follow-up, as well as making work relatedness determination is cases of noise induced hearing loss). Determine if amplification and/or rehabilitation are required. Selects, orders, and validates hearing aid amplification systems for active duty or retired patients who can benefit from amplification or tinnitus masking. Makes appropriate referrals for dependents of active duty members that may benefit from amplification in accordance with current Tricare Standards. Provides space available access for military retirees and spouse dependents desiring to utilize the Retiree at Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP), which allows retirees to purchase hearing aids at government cost, on a limited basis. Counsels patients and provides instruction in hearing aid use, communication strategies, and post-fitting counseling. 2. COUNSELING: Provides comprehensive, informed, professional counsel to the patient and patient family. Independently counsels patients and their families regarding the test results and the need for further evaluation or referral. Incumbent determines the most effective treatment plan for the patient and initiates treatment. Uses a broad range of diagnostic equipment and advanced test techniques with all age groups. Selects appropriate treatment protocols to include: communication strategies, hearing aids (conventional, programmable, and digital technology), assisted listening devices and cochlear implants. Verifies and validates Real Ear measures and other objective and subjective measures, and the outcome of the proposed treatment plan. Provides professional counsel to minimize the patient's fears and anxiety of the testing process and the disability in general and to explain what corrective measures may be implemented. 4. REHABILITATION: Plans and directs aural rehabilitation program for those patients who will benefit from amplification or ear-level tinnitus masker. Designs training and provides the patient with techniques which will enable the hearing impaired individual to maximize residual communicative skills. The incumbent selects, orders, fits, and evaluates hearing aid amplifying systems using Real Ear Measurement Techniques. Determines the appropriateness of the fitting based upon objective and measurable criteria. 5. ADMINISTRATIVE: Prepares and provides lectures and instruction on audiological topics for staff physicians, resident physicians, and dentists. Serves and assists with Quality Assurance Measures in Audiology. Counsels, supervises, and mentors Hearing Conservation Technicians in performance of their duties in the Hearing Conservation setting. Provides consultative assistance to other military medical treatment facilities in the area of diagnostic site of lesion testing and rehabilitative Audiology, to include therapeutic intervention, assistive listening devices, and technologically advanced amplification systems. Completes all required trainings, work accounting through Defense Medical Human Resource System-internet (DMHRSi) and Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) applications in a timely manner. Performs other duties as assigned.

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