Physician FAQs

1. Does it cost anything to search the physician jobs on PhysEmp?

Browse our jobs online anytime at all, absolutely free. Start your search now!

2. How many physician jobs are posted on PhysEmp?

There are more than 20,000 physician jobs posted on the site. The exact number fluctuates slightly from time to time, but hospitals and clinics across the country keep us busy with all the physician jobs they post on PhysEmp, in all specialties and states.

3. Who posts jobs on PhysEmp?

Thousands of hospitals and clinics nationwide regularly look to PhysEmp to share their physician job openings—as they have for the past 25 years. We were one of the very first online physician job boards ever created, and healthcare providers across the country have trusted us for decades. You will also see jobs posted by recruiters (both in-house recruiters and search firms), who are posting them on behalf of an employer.

4. How long has PhysEmp been in business?

You’re asking us to use the Wayback Machine. PhysEmp (aka Physicians Employment) started out as a magazine back in 1990 and went online in 1994. In other words, we’ve spent the past two decades helping physicians connect with their dream jobs.

5. What's unique about PhysEmp?

PhysEmp is physician-centric, meaning we only serve MDs and DOs in their job searches. Because we focus on physician placement only, we offer a job search platform that is tailored to the precise specifications of our job seekers and job posters.

6. What if I am a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner can I still apply?

PhysEmp has a section dedicated to all Nurse-Allied Health and Advanced Practice Providers! Just signify on the main landing page that you are looking for Nurse Allied jobs.

7. Can I find physician jobs in foreign countries on PhysEmp?

Yes! We do have some job postings in some foreign countries

8. I am not a current US resident. Can I still apply for jobs on PhysEmp?

Yes, you can!

9. I am a physician with an H1/J1 visa, which jobs can I apply to?

Any job on our website! Unless the ad specifically lists that they are unable to consider visa candidates, it’s fair game.

10. What is the Free PhysEmp account?

For physicians wanting a more personalized approach to job searching—at no extra cost—we offer you the option to make an account on PhysEmp. 

What’s the benefit? When you create an account, you can specify your location and unique specialty, so we can send you job alerts as soon as new matching positions are posted. You can also save jobs to apply to later, request info from employers and recruiters, upload your CV for quick access, and keep track of all your job applications.

By creating a free account, your search for the perfect physician job becomes even more streamlined. Ready to get started? Click here to sign up.

11. Do I need to log in to search physician jobs?

You’re welcome to browse jobs without creating an account. But logging in offers several advantages, allowing you to:

  • Set your location and unique specialty in order to receive job alerts when matching positions are posted
  • Save jobs to apply to later
  • See your job application history
  • Upload your CV for a quicker application process

12. Is my job search activity confidential?

Yes. We never tell employers when you’ve viewed their job posts. However, when you apply to a job, your contact information, application, and resume or other attached documents will be sent directly to the employer so that they’ll be able to contact you.

The only other instance in which your contact info will be shared with employers is if you participate in our free physician matching service (see FAQ 16). You’re welcome at any time to opt out of this service by emailing us at Your email's subject line must be "Physician Opt Out Request". To protect your account, we will only process the email address you sent us the opt out request from.

13. What is your Active Physicians Database?

When you apply to jobs through PhysEmp, we allow you to opt-in to our database of active job seekers for free. This will allow thousands of employers and recruiters to search for your CV on our website and contact you with job opportunities. Please note that your privacy is extremely important to us, and your personal information can only be seen by paid clients of PhysEmp, if you decide to opt-in. Read more about our privacy policy here.

14. Can I join your Active Physicians Database?

​If you are an MD or a DO searching for a physician job, you are welcome to join our Active Physicians Database. Simply create your free physician account here, where you can upload your CV and complete your personal and professional profile. Then, employers and recruiters will be able to find you in our Active Physicians Database and via our matching service.

To qualify as a member of our Active Physicians Database, you must:

  • Have completed, or be completing, a U.S. residency
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have a Green Card, H1 Visa, or J1 Visa
  • Have a clear physician record and an active U.S. medical license
  • Be actively searching for a physician job

Our Verification Team carefully screens all physician candidates for the above specifications.

15. I’m getting too many calls/emails from recruiters! How can I opt out of your Active Physicians Database?

Our apologies for the inconvenience! We take your privacy very seriously and work hard behind the scenes to keep your inbox from getting bombarded. Please email, and we’ll be happy to help you make your job search private.

16. What contact information should I include on my CV submission to PhysEmp?

You should include your name, phone number, email address, and current physical address.

17. How do I know that my application has gone through to the recruiter?

Once you apply to an ad on PhysEmp you will receive a confirmation email from It is simply a copy of the email that was sent to the recruiter for your records.


18. What happens after I apply to an ad with PhysEmp?

Your CV and contact information is immediately emailed to the recruiter that has posted the ad. 

19. What is your physician matching service?

With this free personalized service, we’ll “match” you to jobs that meet your specific search criteria, including the medical specialty and location(s) you’ve selected. For example, if you’re looking for Family Practice jobs in California, we will send your contact information to any recruiter who currently has a Family Practice opening in California (and ONLY to those recruiters matching your specific requirements). We will also send you a list of these jobs once per month, so you can apply to any that are particularly interesting to you. You’re welcome at any time to opt out of this service by emailing us at

20. Why does PhysEmp create a free account when I apply for a job?

We create a free account for you so that you can change your contact information or resume, easily apply to similar jobs posted on PhysEmp  and receive job alert emails with similar jobs that might interest you. You can unsubscribe from job alerts or close your account at any time.