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Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

POSITION DUTIES: MAJOR DUTIES Serves as an Anesthesia Technician, providing specialized technical support in the management of the evaluation, ordering, and maintenance of the technical equipment in the Anesthesia Department. It encompasses an understanding of the logistical system for material management, knowledge of the hospital Quality Assurance program, the ability to run and evaluate equipment trials, manage upkeep and maintenance of all technical anesthesia equipment, and oversee staff involved in day-to-day maintenance and support of the Anesthesia Department. In addition, the Anesthesia Technician performs a variety of duties providing assistance and support to Anesthesia personnel, requiring knowledge of techniques and procedures used in preparing and administering anesthetic agents to patients undergoing surgery or other medical procedures. 1. Performs Anesthesia Technician functions. Assists the anesthesia provider in the operating room during induction of anesthesia and recovery from anesthesia as needed. Hands the provider such items as needles, IV solutions, sterile spinal drugs, preparatory solutions, etc. Obtains supplies and assists with positioning as requested by the anesthesia provider. Assists the anesthesia provider with procedures, including regional blocks, by gathering supplies and medications, placing patient on monitors and positioning, assisting with aspiration checks, observing and recognizing such things as breaks in aseptic technique, and observing for changes in patient condition or positioning. Starts difficult intravenous procedures on the wards and clinics, administering local anesthetics as required for placement. Assists in resuscitative efforts during crises such as hemorrhage, shock, or cardiac arrest, including getting blood from the blood bank, assisting in proper identification, and aiding in attaching blood tubing and pumping blood to the patient cleans, sterilizes and processes all reusable anesthesia equipment. Cleans all anesthesia machines at least weekly, sooner if visibly dirty. Responsible for keeping the Anesthesia workroom neat and clean. Changes oxygen and nitrous oxide tanks as needed and maintains a supply level of gases. Provides instruction and orientation to new Anesthesia techs and supervises the Anesthesia Tech staff. 2. Procures all non-standard medical supplies and equipment. This includes contacting and coordinating vendor demonstrations, and auditing and collating evaluation forms. Negotiates pricing on non-standard medical supplies and equipment and preparing and submitting CEEP requests when needed. Tracks preventative upkeep and maintenance of all anesthesia equipment including, but not limited to, airway equipment, anesthesia machines, cardiovascular monitors, and all electronic equipment. Manages anesthesia equipment quality control program. Maintains and checks a pre-established level of supplies on all Anesthesia carts. Restocks durable anesthesia goods throughout the OR as needed. Checks for outdated drugs and trays. Orders all intravenous fluid and bulk drugs to maintain a sufficient supply level. Maintains the budget for the Anesthesia Department and manages reports as needed. Maintains hand-receipts for the Anesthesia department and is accountable for all hand-receipted equipment in the section. 3. Serves as Quality Improvement Equipment Control Officer. Maintains records of anesthesia equipment service, checkout procedures, biomedical maintenance, and records of malfunctioning equipment for review by inspecting regulatory organizations. Assists in evaluating new equipment for purchase. Retains and maintains records of inspections by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory agencies for trace gases, air handling, etc. Stores, sets up, and calibrates advanced hemodynamic monitoring equipment for Anesthesia providers. Responsible for first level maintenance on equipment such as oxygen analyzers, arterial pressure lines, electrode wires on EKG cables, and various other equipment that needs batteries. Changes soda lime in anesthesia machines as needed. 4. Serves as Administrative Assistant. Acts as section DMHRSi manager, maintains Key Control, aids with CAF maintenance, and is responsible for monthly infection control and fire and safety reports. Submits, tracks, and maintains a log of department work orders. Completes the monthly OB call calendar and delivers to the L&D administrative clerk. Assists new personnel with training and orientation to the department and updates signature sheets as needed. Provides updates to the Department of Surgery for the Alert Roster and prepares and sorts OR schedule and pre-ops for the following day. Aquires the department mail twice weekly and receives weekly inpatient charts needing to be signed by Anesthesia providers. 5. Directly supervises assistants. Initiates personnel actions involved in the recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, commendations, and discipline of subordinates. Reviews and certifies job descriptions and initiates employee relations and morale, referring with recommended action only the more serious problems to supervisor. Encourages and acts upon employee suggestions for work improvement. Approves/disapproves leave requests. Reviews and evaluates branch operations and develops and installs changes to internal procedures and policies as required to meet workload demands. Ensures the goals of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program are carried out with the branch. Ensures that internal control systems are in place, operational, and meet prescribed standards and regulations Performs other duties as assigned.

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