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Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

Works under the general supervision of the Laboratory OIC or Supervisory Medical Technologist who provides initial guidance on area of responsibility and priorities. Incumbent resolves most technical problems, referring only the more complex problems to the senior technologist or supervisor. Independently performs a wide variety of testing in the areas of STAT/routine hematology, coagulation, chemistry, urinalysis, serology, immunoassays, and microbiological testing in accordance with the College of American Pathologists (CAP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), instrument manuals, manufacturers instructions and technical references relating to said testing. The incumbent works with considerable independence to carry out testing, setting priorities based on STAT, ASAP or routine classification, exercising sound judgment and interpretation. Incumbent releases results without supervisor review; however, results are reviewed after the fact to identify handling of abnormal findings against established quality control (QC) values. Incumbent resolves most technical problems, referring only the more complex problems to the senior technologist or supervisor. Completed work is reviewed from an overall standpoint of ensuring completion, accuracy, precision and timeliness. MAJOR DUTIES Performs a wide variety of testing in the areas of STAT/routine hematology, coagulation, chemistry, urinalysis, serology, immunoassays, immunohematology, phlebotomy, shipping and processing and microbiology testing. Conducts informal on-the-job training for other technicians in all departments with the ability to provide instruction based on basic principles and specialized methods of laboratory operations. Performs calibrations of all pipettes and thermometers. Minimizes waste and interrupted service through proper maintenance of supplies in the work environment. Coordinates with Supply Technician for expendable supplies and supply shortfalls to ensure laboratory management is made aware in a prompt fashion. The Medical Laboratory Technician performs routine, complex and non-routine support functions within Laboratory Services including the accumulation and disposition of medical waste, the monitoring of temperatures, proficiency testing as a component of the external monitoring process, and ensures compliance with routine safety standards. 1. CHEMISTRY: Select, performs and monitors the performance of a wide variety of tests using complex automated analytical systems. Performs high complexity tests including Total Iron-Binding Capacity and High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol as part of Lipid testing and HgbA1c. Follows established procedures for testing biological fluids such as whole blood, serum, urine, and other body fluids. Performs dilutions accurately and uses them judiciously. Recognizes, responds to, and troubleshoots error codes, conditions, and malfunctions of the analyzers by using manufacturer operator manuals and via telephonic support assistance when necessary. Uses various computers to perform work via the onboard data management systems utilized by most analyzers. 2. HEMATOLOGY/COAGULATION: Performs a wide variety of hematology and coagulation testing involving the use of complex automated instrumentation and cell interpretation utilizing microscopic techniques. Performs highly complex analyses of peripheral smears by classifying white blood cells, morphological evaluation of red blood cells, platelet slide estimates and reticulocytes. Requires identification of normal and abnormal cell populations. Performs and calculates manual cell counts on body fluids. Identifies and classifies cells on body fluid smears and crystal analysis on synovial fluids utilizing polarizing microscopy. Performs analysis for post-vasectomy evaluations. 3. PHLEBOTOMY and SEROLOGY: Performs venipuncture using, vacutainers, capillary puncture, etc. Collects samples into proper containers and prepares them for analysis. Performs serological testing for monospot, Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR), etc. 4. SHIPPING AND PROCESSING: Technician performs shipping procedures according to Federal, State, and Military guidelines. Maintains an accurate log of all patient samples which require analysis, including the date and time testing is performed, and the results obtained. Centrifuges and prepares patient specimens for in-house testing and shipment to Reference Laboratories. Prepares specimens for shipping and maintains a chain of custody for all legal specimens. 5. URINALYSIS: Performs urinalysis testing utilizing macroscopic and microscopic techniques. Performs and interprets urine chemistries manually and automated. Technician evaluates urine sediment utilizing microscopic techniques, Interprets the number of red and white cells present, distinguishes between squamous, transitional or renal epithelial cells, various types of casts, crystals and other urine cellular components. Technician performs both urine and serum HCG testing. Technician also performs Rapid Strep testing and culture set ups. 6. MICROBIOLOGY: Inoculates, cultivates, isolates, classifies and identifies bacterial and other microorganisms present in body fluids, exudates, surface, surgical specimens as well as performs various bacteriological, parasitological procedures to provide data that can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of cause and progress of disease. These diagnostic tests are performed using instrumentation for biochemical panels for proper identification of organisms according to genus and species, Rapid Flu and Rapid Strep testing. Technician performs macroscopic and microscopic examinations of cultures of numerous species of bacteria for the purpose of positive identification, employing cultural, serological, and morphological and biochemical means. Performs gram stains from various sites. Performs analysis for post-vasectomy evaluations. 7. ADMINISTRATIVE: Technician reports all reference lab results into CHCS including documenting critical values for tissue specimens in accordance with Federal, State, and CAP guidelines. Technician maintains a log of all state reportable results including Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) lead surveillance specimens. Requiring additional security clearance, technician updates all MEDPROS results in the system. Technician maintains dashboard metrics turnaround times for thin prep, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), rejected specimens, and specimen acceptability specimens. Updates SOPs, manuals and instructions for revised technical, administrative, and clerical procedures as needed. Performs other duties as assigned.

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