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Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

1. Performs a wide variety of complex ultrasound examinations such as Abdominal, Renal, Pelvic, Obstetric, Carotid, Venous, Vascular, Testicular, Thyroid, Breast, and various Biopsies to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury. Under general supervision performs difficult and reasonable work along with special technical and supervisory lines with considerable latitude for exercise of independent judgment Utilizing diagnostic 2D and Doppler spectral analysis, color power angio, and real time ultrasound of all areas of the body on active duty soldiers, retirees, family members, trauma patients both in an inpatient and outpatient environment. Performs technically critical examinations such as ectopic, acute deep venous thrombosis, and torsion examinations. Independently performs scans which illustrate normal and abnormal anatomy. Making adjustments during the study as indicated by the anatomy and pathology through control of time gain constant, near and far gain, or change of transducer frequency to optimize the scans for diagnostic use; recognizes when different scans, positions or angulations are needed to better illustrate or accurately define internal structure. Decides which organ system or part of body needs to be scanned for the appropriate clinical problem, adopting special techniques for the clinical problem seen. Serves as a technical subject matter expert for the Radiologist Advises the radiologist of urgent preliminary diagnostic evaluations and notifies them of studies requiring their immediate attention while the patient is undergoing examination. Recognizes situations or abnormalities that require the direct observation of the real-time scan by the radiologist or obstetrician. Images structures while simultaneously obtaining Doppler signal and recording images and Doppler shift recordings along with patient information for interpretation by a radiologist. On more unusual and complex assignments, assists the radiologist in performing invasive diagnostic techniques such as needle biopsies, and other special applications as directed by Radiologist. Schedules and receives patients, explains methods of procedures, obtains and reviews all necessary clinical information requests from physicians and other health care providers for ultrasound examinations, prior imaging, reports and lab results to assist in performance of the ultrasound. Determines the condition(s) at issue and the procedures and equipment necessary to best meet the needs of the individual case. Receives and positions patient for examination. Explains procedures and actions to allay fears and secure maximum cooperation. Selects, sets up, adjusts, and operates ultrasound equipment. Conducts examination, adjusting technique and equipment to best present the medically significant aspects found. If unanticipated conditions or anomalies are discovered, extends and modifies procedure to insure full and accurate information as to findings and patient condition. Observes and reports patient responses to instructions, movement, touch, etc. if significant. Monitors patient condition during examination and, if necessary, renders emergency aid and summons assistance. Assists radiologist or physician in reading or evaluating results. 2. Assists in performance of invasive procedures such as biopsies, aspirations, nephrostomies, amniocentesis, etc. Uses scanner to properly position probes and other equipment, fix point of entry, determine depth and direction of penetration and location within the body locate disease sites, identify position and functioning or response of organs, etc. Advises of any problems, conditions, or anomalies found during or as a result of the procedure. 3. Trains radiologists, emergency room residents physician assistants, and provides on-the-job training to students and new employees, both military and civilian in ultrasound principles, procedures, capabilities, techniques, and equipment. Explains concepts and principles of the methodology and its use and limitations as a diagnostic tool. Develops ultrasound training plans for incorporation in other programs of instruction. Conducts hands-on training and technical oversight of other technicians. Develops or adapts and documents new or changed procedures to accommodate equipment changes or new techniques in ultrasound. 4. Performs operator level maintenance and care of equipment. Identifies need for and initiates action to obtain higher level support. Prepares and replaces imaging material (film packs). Establishes and maintains a variety of files and records relating to ultrasound activities and functions. Prepares reports on examinations, equipment status and utilization, workload, supply status and consumption, and related matters. Prepares reports on examinations, equipment status and utilization, workload, supply status and consumption, and related matters. Consults with ordering provider or Radiologist if an order appears to be incorrect. In the event that the order needs to be changed and Sonographer has obtained authorization, the tech will then change the order and proceed to perform the exam as needed. In the absence of US specific workload, i.e., patients, or on an as needed basis, is required to perform US clinic scheduling, protocoling or receptionist duties as dictated by the needs of the Department of Radiology. PERFORMS OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED.

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