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Thousands of physicians, employers, and recruiters use PhysEmp to find the job or candidate they deserve. We’re making job search human again by providing a fast, convenient platform backed by unreal customer support. When physicians dream about what’s next, we’ll be there to make the job
search as simple and enjoyable as possible.

PhysEmp is an independent and founder-led company that started out as a print magazine in 1990.
Today we use our decades of experience and our understanding of the physician and recruitment
audience to provide moments of wow for all.

We're more than a search bar. We're real people.

It's our pleasure and privilege to help physicians and employers when they need it, versus leaving them solely to the whims of instant messages and algorithms.

Let's just say we've been doing this a long time. We draw on over 25 years of experience to guide our physicians and employee partners through every step of the process, from applying to posting to pricing.

Call It Iowa Nice

This Is What Makes Us, Us

We’ve learned a few things about the value of trust since 1990. That’s why we help physicians connect to the jobs they dream about, in a way that works best for them. It’s also why employers depend on us for active, high quality leads.

We've Earned Our Way

Hard work is more than an idea. It’s our heritage. Hard work is what guides us to protect our users, keep the search process simple, and do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. Why? Because it saves people time and money.

We Believe Trust Is Earned

The word "nice" takes on a whole new meaning in America's heartland. Around here, we call it Iowa Nice. Which is another way of saying we do more than is expected of us to serve our physicians and clients.

We've been doing this for 26 years

Experience you can rely on

We have developed a carefully curated network of healthcare groups and recruiting agencies over the last 25+ years. It's why we've been able to help thousands and thousands of physicians find jobs they love in the places they want to work.

Our team is here to help

A combined 87 years of experience

There's a joke here that Bob, our founder, comprises all 87 years of our combined experience. The truth is, we've all been at PhysEmp or in the industry for a very long time. And we apply each and every year in our quest to please our physicians and clients.

We've been doing this for 26 years

Experience you can rely on

We give our physicians and clients exceptional support when they need it, and the convenience of technology when they don’t.


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