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Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

POSITION DUTIES: Serves as a direct primary health care provider in the capacity of a credentialed Physician Assistant(PA) providing primary medical services to patients ranging from the ages of one year of agethrough geriatric. The incumbent serves in a Primary Health Care Clinic (e.g., Family Practice Clinic,Troop Medical Clinic, or Physical Exam Clinic) or in specialty clinics (e.g., Emergency Room, Urology,Pain Management, TBI Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Occupational Health Clinic, or Pediatric Clinic) of aMilitary Treatment Facility (MTF). The incumbent performs a variety of professional direct healthcare clinical duties within the field of general medicine. Responsible for the independentexamination, diagnosis, and treatment within personal credentials and privileges delineated by thehospital Commander. Provides services to military and their family members and retirees at thelocal MTF installation. 1. CLINICAL DUTIES: The incumbent independently performs a variety of professional direct health care clinical dutieswithin the field of general family medicine for the pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients.Assignments include a wide range from routine to exceptionally complex activities includingassessing, planning, evaluating, and modifying the plan of acute and chronically ill patients. The PA makes independent decisions regarding the medical care required and in the interpretationand evaluation of processes resulting from continuing changes in the medical field due to newtechnological developments or conflicting requirements. Performs a variety of duties involving thefull range of complex medical care that involve isolating and defining unknown medical conditions.Secures a more comprehensive and detailed health and medical history from the patient or a familymember, records findings, and other ancillary materials. Using this information, makes independentclinical evaluations and recommendations in an effort to prevent complications by preventingdisease occurrence or modifying its course. Examines patients and performs initial patient work-upand assessment of patients' care and treatment; and, determines the need for and orderslaboratory tests, X-rays, and other procedures necessary to complete assessment of the patient.Discriminates between normal and abnormal findings to recognize early stages of serious physical,emotional, or mental problems. Provides surveillance of adherence to medical and primary care practices and procedures tostabilize chronically ill patients; adjusts regimens within established protocols recognizing when torefer the patient to the physician or other primary care members. Makes decisions concerningprimary care needs of patients; works collaboratively with the physician team in patient evaluation,management, and revision of therapeutic plans; and, refers extremely or selected complex medicalproblems to appropriate next level of specialty care or medical management. Performs outpatient surgical and non-surgical procedures as designated by credentials committee.Prescribes for and treats a variety of diseases, disorders, and injuries. Treats patients returning forroutine or directed follow-up and chronic illnesses previously documented in patients' medicalrecords. Provides a full range of emergency services or crisis intervention, including lifesaving emergencyprocedures, in order to stabilize a patient within the scope of practice and approved protocols. Writes prescriptions, orders the administration of medications, dispenses medication and prescribescontrolled substances in accordance with scope of practice for Physician Assistants. Performs avariety of physical examinations such as school, employment, sports, annual, retirement, discharge,reenlistment, disability separation or retirement, and other special physicals. Orders laboratorytests, X-rays, etc., and arranges for physician consultation if required. Records entries into patientsrecords to include history and exam findings, results of laboratory tests, X-rays, and other specialstudies, diagnoses, and treatment plans to include any treatment rendered during visit, drugsdispensed or administered in accordance with approved protocols, tests, or procedures ordered,notations of new prescriptions or changes in dosages to old prescriptions, and consultations forfurther treatment or evaluation. Provides consultation, teaching, and coordination with patients and their family members regardingtreatment and medical care. Evaluates the primary care aspects of patient care recognizing theimpact of the care of other healthcare professionals and ancillary staff when reassessment by aphysician or other staff professionals is required. Provides primary care and preventive services tohealthy individuals, including guidance in common illnesses, accidents, child growth anddevelopment, alternative drug usage, etc. Evaluates the total health care needs of patients anddevelops plans to meet the patients' needs. Participates with the attending physician and other medical staff in interpreting and evaluatingcontinuing changes in direct patient care, conflicting requirements, or technological development inthe medical field. Plans with other professionals, and agencies involved in providing primary careservices to patients and their family members, and coordinates the care provided. Incumbentindependently develops new techniques and establishes criteria for providing improved, qualitypatient health care to clients and family members of their assigned hospital 2. MEDICAL EDUCATION DUTIES: Provides consultation, teaching, and coordination with patients and their family members oftreatment and medical care. Coordinates with patients regarding physicians' findings anddiagnoses, laboratory results, follow-up treatment plan or the effect of medications prescribed inaccordance with approved protocols. Provides educational management to patients and theirfamilies regarding disease processes and diagnostic tests; the therapeutic regimen includingmedication, diet, and follow-up care; methods of adapting medication and treatment to currentlifestyles. Provides counseling to patients and their families for prevention of illness andmaintenance of health in order to assist patients in attaining physical, mental, and social well-being. Oversees compliance with the preventive healthcare needs of adult patients visiting theclinic. Refers high-risk, unstable, or extremely complex patients to the physicians and emergencymedicine. Performs emergency care as appropriate. PERFORMS OTHER DUTIES AS ASSIGNED.

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