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Full Time Dentist Job Bellevue, NE


4 days ago

Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

POSITION DUTIES: PURPOSE OF POSITION AND ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: The primary purpose of this position is: To serve as a dental assistant performing a variety of supportive technical duties which facilitate the work of oral surgery procedures. The organizational location of this position is: ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS OR OBJECTIVES: Maintain the oral health of Air Force personnel and other uniformed service members to ensure their maximum wartime readiness and combat capability. Provide, to the greatest extent possible, a peacetime oral health service for all eligible beneficiaries. DUTY 1: Assists dentist in oral surgical procedures which are complex, difficult, usually lengthy, and non-routine in nature. Receives, seats, and conducts preliminary screening of patient in preparation for surgery. Sanitizes patients face and drapes patient with sterile sheets and towels. Obtains, monitors, and records vital signs, and takes and records medical history. Sets up instruments, equipment, and materials such as assembling syringes and IVs for anesthesia, and mixing materials for impressions and restorations. Participates in stand-up dentistry or four-handed sit-down dentistry, depending upon the dentist performing the procedure. Adheres to necessary aseptic precautions throughout treatment. Assists dentist with simple and complex procedures such as tooth removal, surgical removal of impacted teeth, alveoloplasty, minor preprosthetic surgery of hard and soft tissues, and excisional biopsies. Anticipates the dentists needs by performing the following: passes instruments and materials to and retrieves them from the dentist; keeps field of surgery free of debris using irrigation solutions, suction tip, and evacuator; applies hemostats to bleeding vessels, bends arch bars, and applies force to chisel; cuts sutures. Observes patient throughout treatment for signs of syncope, shock, or other reactions to treatment. Relays dentists instructions to patients for post-treatment care such as application of hot or cold packs or medications. Provides oral hygiene instructions to patient for care of prosthodontic appliances. Takes preliminary impressions and pours and trims models from impressions. Instructs/trains other dental assistants on these procedures, as necessary. DUTY 2: Performs dental radiographic work. Positions the patient and the sensor and takes intra- and extra-oral digital radiographs of patients. Exposes radiographs in accordance with accepted radiation safety standards, and cares for the radiographic equipment. Protects the patient and self against over-exposure to x-rays by using precautionary measures such as lead aprons, shields, and x-ray badges. Maintains, cleans, and performs minor repairs on radiographic equipment. DUTY 3: Performs a variety of administrative duties related to dental activities. Prepares a variety of recurring reports related to dental activities. Coordinates, schedules, confirms, and cancels patient appointments for treatment. Assembles, retrieves, maintains, and reviews dental health records in accordance with Air Force Instructions/guidelines. Charts/records in the dental health record, examination, and treatment information as relayed by the dentist, using only Air Force approved charting symbols/abbreviations. Analyzes records to identify possible errors. Prepares the paperwork to route the patient and the patients records when additional medical/dental tests or services are required outside the dental clinic. Prepares patient consent forms for specialized procedures, e.g., surgery, anesthesia, etc. Prepares prescriptions for signature of dentist. Records information relayed by dentist on prescriptions and other forms for signature of dentist. Prepares all documentation in accordance with established Air Force/Military Treatment Facility/Dental Treatment Facility standards to include, but not limited to, timeliness, legibility, accuracy, content and signature. Abides by local Medical Treatment Facility/Dental Treatment Facility instructions concerning the confidentiality of patient records, as embodied in Federal Statues including the Privacy Act of 1974, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Act, Department of Defense, and Air Force Instructions. DUTY 4: 20% Maintains dental equipment and treatment area. Maintains dental equipment in a clean and operative condition. Properly stores and maintains adequate levels of supplies. Inventories, orders, and stocks instruments and materials as needed. Sterilizes instruments, materials, and equipment and prepares sterile trays for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Maintains sterile material, equipment, and instruments, and removes all used drapes and towels from operating area after each patient. Maintains dental treatment room to meet all health and safety and infection control guidelines and standards. Performs other duties as assigned.

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