Full Time LPN-LVN Job Bellevue, NE


4 days ago

Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

Duties: DUTY 1: Performs or assists in the performance of a number of specialized medical and minor surgical procedures. Prepares the procedure room and medical equipment for the procedure to be performed. Receives the patient, and reviews his or her medical history. Uses the nursing process and participates in making nursing assessments. Prepares and positions patient for the procedure. Begins monitoring vital signs. Closely monitors the patients condition throughout the procedure, and reports and/or notes changes in his or her vital signs, symptoms, and general physical and emotional condition for inclusion in the patient care plan. Performs procedures such as electrocardiograms (EKGs), urinary catheterizations, and suctioning of trachea. Assists in performing exams, procedures, and treatments such as gynecological, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and ENT. Assists the physician in minor surgical procedures. Documents the procedures in the patients chart. Monitors and evaluates patient response during exams, procedures, and treatments. Collects and labels urine, sputum, blood, and stool specimens. Obtains nasal, throat, and other cultures. Inserts and drains in-dwelling catheters, removes sutures, changes dressings, irrigates wounds, and performs venipunctures. Adheres to established aseptic procedures to protect self, other staff members, and patients from unnecessary exposure to infectious agents. Cleans and prepares equipment for sterilization. Disposes of infectious and hazardous waste materials in accordance with established procedures. DUTY 2: Administers prescribed medications. Calculates dosages and administers medications by oral, topical, intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular routes. Initiates intravenous fluids to include heparin locks and monitors, regulates, and discontinues their usage. Observes and promptly notifies nurse and/or physician of adverse physical and emotional reactions to the medications. Exercises control over drugs. Documents administration of medications in accordance with established charting procedures. DUTY 3: Performs emergency procedures. Recognizes the nature of emergencies and provides first aid in accordance with emergency protocols. Initiates and maintains cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) measures if first on the scene, until additional responders arrive. Furnishes physicians and nurses with requested supplies. Monitors the patients heart and respiration rate. DUTY 4: Conducts patient and family teaching. Teaches patients and family members how patients should perform simple tests for themselves, e.g., blood sugar, hypertension, or urine. Informs patients and family members about self-care. Reinforces and reiterates instructions previously presented by the physician or nurse. Provides input for patient care planning. Performs other duties as assigned.

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