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Posted by: Defense Health Agency

Employer: Defense Health Agency

Job Description

Serves as a medical technician working in the laboratory. Performs tests classified as high priorityneeding a rapid turn around time. The tests support all laboratory services such as clinicalchemistry, therapeutic drug monitoring, limited toxicology, hematology, coagulation, transfusion(blood bank) services, urinalysis, microbiology, and serology. The laboratory work predominantlysupports the outpatient clinics, Urgent Care Clinic (UCC), Post Anesthia Care Unit (PAC-U),inpatient wards, operating room (OR), and health clinics (located outside of the main clinic). Thetechnician may be assigned as a member of a 5 to 10 person team in the lab which requirescontinual quick processing of tests in response to emergency and/or high priority patient medicalcare situations. 1. Processes tests for shipment to reference laboratories and/or performs a wide variety of tests,procedures, and examinations (ranging from routine through the most complex) utilizingprocedures from several specialty areas of the clinical laboratory. Procedures and instructions arefrequently highly specialized, requiring the technician to perform delicate and exacting steps whenusing instrumentation that is considered elaborate and complex. Procedures include studies ofwhole blood, cerebral spinal fluid, urine, and other body fluids, for microscopy examination;sophisticated coagulation studies such as split fibrin degradation products and fibrinogen. Utilizescomputerized, complex automated analyzers to perform STAT chemistry procedures such aselectrolytes (sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, chloride), glucose, blood urea nitrogen,creatinine; liver function tests (SGOT, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, Gamma GT); therapeutic druglevels such a phenobarbital, theophylline, serum ethanol, salicylates, acetaminophen, andphenytoin. Hematology procedures include such tests as complete blood wounts (CBCs),differentials (blood smear examination); manual verification of automated procedures and slideevaluations of specific blood cell populations; bone marrows; examination of body fluids to includemanual cell counts; coagulation studies; semen analysis and sperm counts; complete urinalysisprocedures to include STAT urine drugs of abuse screening procedures. Bacteriology cultures mustbe prepared from a numerous variety of sources/sites utilizing established protocols. Performsgram stain and microscopic examinations of body fluid, sputum, and other complex clinicalspecimens. Performs transfusion procedures to include ABO/RH, antibody detection, antibodyidentification, compatibility testing, DAT's and selection of components for infusion. Reviews andcorrelates results of tests and examinations and prepares written reports. Reports high prioritypatient test results over the telephone, via FAX, or computer network to physician and nursingpersonnel. Performs ancillary duties such as maintaining logs and performing operator levelmaintenance on computerized analyzers. Utilizes laboratory protocols and guides in the conduct oftests; determines situations requiring advanced procedures and those not covered by establishedprocedures and guides. Initiate testing procedures to resolve complex problems, based on acquiredexperience and personal expertise. Must effectively interface with clinical staff to provideinformation on diagnostic procedures and test results; specimen collection and handling proceduresand requirements; interfering substances; specimen quality and quantity; and resolves problemsas they occur. Coordinates and manages human blood products for transfusions in support ofemergent patient care situations. Follows strict standard operating procedures to carry outlaboratory functions subject to Federal Drug Administration, Joint Commission on Accreditation ofHospitals, DoD CLIP, and College of American Pathologists, who serve as a reviewing agent formedical activities. Identifies and resolves problems relating to improper specimens and labeling;incomplete requisitions; abnormal results that suggest an improper collection techniques;instrumentation, supply, quality control, LIS/interface issues and similar problems. Coordinateshigh priority services with commercial reference laboratories involving support from theAdministrative Officer of the Day (AOD) and ambulance section as needed. Coordinates theacquisition of emergency blood products from local hospital when required. Maintains, stores,safeguards, inputs, fills or distributes drugs and medicines.

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