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Job Description

POSITION DUTIES: Serve as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist with responsibility for performing highly complex procedures, as well as providing technical guidance and quality assurance oversight on a full range of processes conducted in the laboratory. MAJOR DUTIES: 1. Serves as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in a department (such as, but not limited to Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Microbiology, or Blood Bank section) of a Medical Treatment Facility responsible for solving difficult problems, performing highly complex and specialized laboratory procedures, and modifying or adapting new methods and techniques to improve and expand services. Performs a full range of laboratory testing to include the most difficult requested tests which requires specialized knowledge and includes a complex network of steps and variables. Selects the most appropriate test methodology to use. Recognizes when test values are positive or exceed a defined decision limit, based on the results determines the need for additional testing. Performs various tests that may stand alone or in an algorithm of other laboratory testing to diagnosis and assess the prognosis of patients. Uses knowledge of specificity, sensitivity, and stringency to validate and verify samples used and tests performed. Resolves technical problems and ensures remedial actions are taken whenever test results deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications. Develops section's procedures and establishes parameters for correlation of test results and pre-set troubleshooting, e.g., evaluates new test systems, reagent kits, and equipment. Evaluates, modifies, and adapts new methods and revises standard techniques to improve or expand quantity, accuracy, precision, specificity, or proficiency of test analyses. Compares new methods or instrumentation with existing ones to determine performance characteristics suitability. 2. Assists laboratory supervisor with development of goals and objectives that integrate organizational and Medical Laboratory objectives. Applies regulatory standards of The Joint Commission, College of American Pathologists, American Association of Blood Banks, and the Food & Drug Administration as applicable. Provides technical recommendations and advice to supervisor on significant issues and problems related to the accomplishment of goals and objectives. Assists in the planning and conducting of studies on technical and administrative problems involving personnel manning levels, organizational structure, new technology, program deficiencies, reporting system, etc.; makes recommendations based on findings. For his/her or assigned department/section, assesses manning requirements/levels, resources, operating costs, and develops budget inputs. Reviews historical data and trends to determine areas where improvements are warranted and makes recommendations on how to improve laboratory services. Ensures that the staff accomplishes established training requirements and remains current and competent on the procedures performed. Ensures that established policies and procedures as well as safety practices are effectively followed. Identifies staff training needs and assures appropriate training for the type and complexity of the lab services is provided. Evaluates the competency of personnel performing laboratory testing procedures. Assures personnel report test results promptly, accurately, an proficiently. Directly observes staff performing routine patient tests, including patient preparation, and specimen handling and processing. Monitors the recording and reporting of test results. Observes the maintenance and functional checks performed on laboratory equipment and instruments. Assesses staff test performance through testing previously analyzed specimens, internal blind testing samples, or external proficiency testing samples. 3. For the department/section of the laboratory, executes a quality control/improvement system approved by the Clinical Laboratory leadership that ensures compliance with regulatory standards including quality control, proficiency testing, competency training, and continuing education. Ensures the quality control/improvement system is at the appropriate level to properly monitor testing performed by laboratory personnel. Establishes an acceptable level of analytic performance. Ensures these levels are maintained throughout the entire testing process from initial receipt of the specimen, through sample analysis, and reporting of test results. Identifies technical problems and takes corrective actions whenever test systems deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications. When test system deficiencies are found, ensures that test results are not reported until appropriate corrective action is taken, and the test system is functioning properly. Audits test results or worksheets, quality control records, proficiency testing results, and preventive maintenance records as part of the quality control/improvement system. Reviews current clinical and laboratory standards for improved quality control procedures. Evaluates new quality control protocols to determine their suitability for local use. 4. Represents the Medical Laboratory within a variety of installation and functional-area organizations. Establishes, develops, and maintains effective working relationships with facility Patient Safety/Risk Management Office, and Facility Compliance Board. Meets with key customers and coordinating officials to assess customer satisfaction, explain organization policy and procedures, and resolve problems that arise. Provides or ensures that subordinates receive customer guidance and training. Participates in special projects and initiatives and performs special assignments relating to laboratory services. Recommends the need for special projects along with anticipated milestones and goals. Evaluates reports by analyzing facts and performing appropriate research and prepares detailed responses. Determines appropriate recommendations for unresolved issues or potential problems and performs follow-up. Researches and determines or recommends appropriate actions or interpretation of issues that impact the laboratory, organization, installation, command, or agency. Performs other duties as assigned.

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