What Today’s New Primary Care Physicians Want in a Job

Is your private practice or medical group the kind of place where newly minted Primary Care Physicians will want to accept a job? That depends on whether or not you’re offering physician jobs that acknowledge and accommodate their needs. Today’s physicians are a different breed. And if anyone knows what drives them, it’s George Lowe, M.D., a retired physician and the medical director for Maryland Family Care, Mercy Health Services. Read more

Obamacare, Primary Care Physician Demand & Streamlining the System


Primary care is a crucial part of our healthcare system, and some people feel that if primary care doctors were more readily available and affordable, we’d have healthier Americans, fewer Emergency Room logjams, and a healthier economy overall. When Obamacare was first being implemented, there were widespread predictions that the new program would cause a surge in demand for primary care physicians—to the point of possibly crashing the system. Nearly a year later, how are we doing? Read more