The Power of the Community Profile in Physician Recruiting

When physician candidates are considering whether or not to accept a position, they are certainly concerned with salary, but they’re also concerned about community. In short, they want to know what it’s like to live in your town or city. Does it suit their personal and professional needs? Will their family feel at home? As we discussed in our last Physician Recruiting Tips post, when you’re selling a position,  you’re selling the community too. A thorough community profile will help you do just that. Read more

The Affordable Care Act & Taxes: What Every Physician Should Know

The topic of taxes doesn’t always come up in the examining room with patients—but this year, it might. Last year was the first year the Affordable Care Act’s “individual mandate” required Americans to secure health insurance, which means that this year’s tax season’s could be just a little more complicated for your taxpaying patients.

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Obamacare, Primary Care Physician Demand & Streamlining the System


Primary care is a crucial part of our healthcare system, and some people feel that if primary care doctors were more readily available and affordable, we’d have healthier Americans, fewer Emergency Room logjams, and a healthier economy overall. When Obamacare was first being implemented, there were widespread predictions that the new program would cause a surge in demand for primary care physicians—to the point of possibly crashing the system. Nearly a year later, how are we doing? Read more

Doctors: Could Apple’s HealthKit Make Your Job Easier? Two Medical Trials Will Help Decide

As a physician, you’ve probably been watching the news about Apple Inc.’s new HealthKit with interest and wondering if it will be of value to you in your practice. Now, according to a Reuters article by Christina Farr, two prestigious U.S. hospitals are launching medical trials on the product to determine its value to doctors across the country. Read more