Why We Don’t Allow Mass Email. (Plus Some Email Tips.)

Whether or not you use PhysEmp’s services for physician recruiters, you may have heard that we have an excellent Active Physicians Database. Each and every one of these 10,000 physicians has been carefully researched by our team of experts, is actively looking for new opportunities, and has completed—or is completing—a U.S. residency. Great, right? Right! Read more

Connection: the Key to Getting Job Offers Accepted

As every physician recruiter knows, it’s definitely a physician’s market out there! A high percent of offers are rejected by M.D.s, but it’s not always just about the salary, the community, or the perks and benefits of the positions. A lot of times, it’s about how well the interview goes and whether or not the physician candidate feels a connection with you. After all, an interview is just a conversation between two people. Here are a few tips on how to connect. Read more

Working the Room: 5 Twitter Tips for Physician Recruiters

Contrary to popular belief, Twitter isn’t just a forum for thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s love life or debating the coolest character on Mad Men (it’s a tie between Peggy Olson and Don Draper, obviously). Beyond pop culture talk, there are a lot of interesting things being said in the Twitterverse. Think of it as a big party: sure, there’s some mindless chitchat, but there are also some pockets of quality conversation going on—especially on the topic of medicine. Read more

Recruiters: Can This be Your 19th Century?

Guest blog post by Mark H. Cohen
President of Colloquy Digital, LLC

The rise of modern medicine as we know it today is firmly rooted in the 19th Century. In the 1800s, advances in science and approach dramatically increased public health and wellbeing. Early, more rudimentary techniques—some of which were successful in treating things like infectious diseases—were replaced by actual cures. After the Civil War, medicine in the U.S. took on a major upward trajectory. Read more

Play Up Your Town’s Positives

As a physician recruiter, you know that lifestyle is one of the single-most important factors physicians take into account when considering an employment opportunity. Hospital environments may vary across the country, but generally, the general setting will be somewhat the same: exam tables, staff duties, and so on. But it’s what’s available beyond the hospital in the town and surrounding areas that can often make or break a physician’s decision. Read more

To-Do Lists & Physician Data-Tracking

Being a physician recruiter is a lot like being a juggler. At any given point in time, you have a lot of balls in the air, and it takes a considerable amount of balance to keep things in motion. It also takes some serious organizing power. Here’s where to-do lists and data tracking make things easier for your physician recruiting endeavors. Read more

Why Recruiters Should Ask Physician Candidates Behavioral Interview Questions

In today’s fast-paced hospitals and clinics, it takes more than just clinical skills for a physician to truly excel. You’re not just looking for someone with the right skill set—you’re also looking for a leader who can quickly adapt to changes, respond well to stress, work compatibly with others, be flexible in a multidisciplinary environment, communicate warmly and effectively with patients, and foster a patient-centric environment. In short, you’re looking for someone who exhibits the right behaviors, as well as skills. Read more

PhysEmp Job-Search Tip: Try to Keep an Open Mind During Interviews

By Bob TruogBob Truog, PhysEmp CEO
PhysEmp CEO

In our Job-Search Tips series, we invite physician job-search experts of all stripes to share their top tips.

Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in and reach out to the recruiter or company, generally the next step is the introductory phone interview. This is where it’s crucial for physicians and residents to remember one important thing: try to keep an open mind throughout the conversation. Read more

And That’s a Wrap! Thanks for a Great ASPR 2014

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 4.13.39 PM

Guest Blog Post by Rachel Kruzich, Account Manager

I’m happy to announce that our participation at the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters 2014 Conference was a great success!

Everyone welcomed us to our very first conference and was incredibly pleasant. Overall, there was a wide variety of opportunities for networking with other vendors, recruiters and in-house hospital staff, and it also gave us the chance to learn even more about the industry. Our team had great conversations with many attendees who stopped by to get a picture with Beyoncé and Ryan Gosling—our cardboard cut-out smilebooth guests—or to grab a goodie bag filled with coffee cereal, slippers, a hangover kit and informational material about Read more