Top 10 Mistakes in Physician Recruiting

As you know, physician recruiting is a highly competitive field—especially with the nation’s growing shortage of doctors. So to ensure your success in 2016 and beyond, here are some common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.
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Recruiter Rx’s Top Physician Recruiting Blog Posts of 2015

PhysEmp’s blogs have had a great 2015! After putting together our most popular CareerBeat blog posts of 2015, now we’d like to share the most widely circulated RecruiterRx posts with you. You might have missed them last year, and there are some valuable physician recruiting tips here. Read more

Why Every Recruiter Needs a Responsive Site

We recently published a post about PhysEmp’s new, responsive design, and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s well worth your time. The article explains what responsive site design is and why it’s so important to you as a physician recruiter. But if you need a little more convincing, we have some terrific (and fun!) resources for you below. Read more

3 Ways to Use Email Marketing in Physician Recruiting

Guest blog post by Mark H. Cohen
President of Colloquy Digital, LLC

Is email marketing a key component of your physician recruiting efforts? If not, it should be. Contrary to popular belief, the world of social media hasn’t replaced email; if anything, email marketing is more effective than ever. Here are three ways to leverage email when sourcing new physicians for your practice. Read more

Oct 20: Email Marketing Webinar for Physician Recruiters

NOTE: This webinar is now over and has been archived. You are welcome to watch the replay if you like.

Email marketing is probably part of your physician recruitment strategy, but are you giving it enough attention? If not, you should be. Data from the 2015 State of Marketing Report shows that email marketing is as effective as ever, across all industries. Today, 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business. Why? Simply put: it works. Read more

5 Reasons Active Candidates Are Better Candidates

Somewhere in your years of recruiting, you probably heard it said that passive physician candidates are better than active candidates. If a doctor’s worth hiring, they’re already happily employed, right?

Not necessarily. Just because a physician is looking for work doesn’t mean they are desperate or incompetent. There are many reasons why highly skilled, conscientious doctors search for new opportunities—and many reasons you should pursue them. Read more

Slow Summer? Start Recruiting Next Year’s Graduating Residents

Summertime, and the recruiting ain’t easy? Maybe it’s time to change your tune. A lot of physician recruiters tend to think residents have been offered their dream jobs by summer, and are therefore not looking for work. That may be true for this year’s graduating residents, but there’s still a tremendous recruiting opportunity with the next wave. Read more

SEPRA’s Recruiting in a Digital World: Webinar, July 16

We’re delighted to announce that SEPRA, the Southeast Physician Recruiters Association and a chapter of ASPR, has invited PhysEmp to sponsor a physician recruiting webinar! Join us from 12-1PM Central Time on Thursday, July 16, for Recruiting in a Digital World. Read more

How to Write Magnetic Physician Recruiting Ads

For more than 20 years, physician recruiters across the country have been posting physician job opportunities on In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what kinds of ads appeal to doctors (and, conversely, what turns them off). To help you write ads that catch the attention of quality physicians, we’d like to share a helpful tip: remember to use AIDA. Read more