5 Reasons Active Candidates Are Better Candidates

Somewhere in your years of recruiting, you probably heard it said that passive physician candidates are better than active candidates. If a doctor’s worth hiring, they’re already happily employed, right?

Not necessarily. Just because a physician is looking for work doesn’t mean they are desperate or incompetent. There are many reasons why highly skilled, conscientious doctors search for new opportunities—and many reasons you should pursue them. Read more

Connection: the Key to Getting Job Offers Accepted

As every physician recruiter knows, it’s definitely a physician’s market out there! A high percent of offers are rejected by M.D.s, but it’s not always just about the salary, the community, or the perks and benefits of the positions. A lot of times, it’s about how well the interview goes and whether or not the physician candidate feels a connection with you. After all, an interview is just a conversation between two people. Here are a few tips on how to connect. Read more