When Writing MD Job Ads, the More Details, the Better

Writing ads to advertise your open physician jobs is a fine art. You only have a few seconds to catch a physician candidate’s attention because, let’s face it, physicians search for jobs on the go. So what’s the key to ensure you pique their curiosity? It’s all in the details.

More is More

The more information you provide in your job posting, the better.

Imagine you’re hungry for Italian food and you end up on a street that has two nice-looking restaurants—one with no menu posted outside, and one with a menu posted that lists an inviting array of salads, pasta, pizza, risotto, wines, and desserts (mmm, Tiramisu!). Which restaurant would you go into, especially if you were pressed for time? The one with the full menu posted, of course!

The same principle applies to your physician job ads. The more meaty (read: informative) you can make it, the better. That doesn’t mean you should ramble on for pages and pages; you definitely want to be succinct and compelling. But being as specific as possible means your ad is more likely to be read and acted upon.

Location, Location, Location

You’ll notice in the graphic above that we listed the city field first. That’s because it’s extremely important to include. Simply put: job ads with cities listed generate more traffic than those without. In fact, some of the aggregate sites that repost PhysEmp.com’s jobs, like Indeed.com, will not post jobs that don’t feature a city.

At PhysEmp, we emphasize to our clients over and over again the importance of listing a full location. Be specific: including “Mountain West” when you really mean “Denver, Colorado” is not going to help you. Computers that categorize job locations won’t be able to correctly identify and label your location.

“This goes against most of what the agency recruiters, like me, are taught,” said THMED Executive Search CIO Sepi McDonnell, host of our “Help Wanted: Writing MD Job Ads for a Digital Audience” webinar earlier this month, “but it holds you back in the new age of search if you can’t at least include a nearby city. Give them the details before they go around you to find it themselves.”

Ms. McDonnell’s work regarding best recruitment practices has been published in the Journal of Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, and she has presented at both ASPR and NAPR’s annual conferences, where she led discussions about candidate sourcing, social media and recruitment technology in healthcare staffing.

Webinar Replay: MD Job Ad Writing for a Digital Audience

If you’re interested in more of Ms. McDonnell’s tips on writing physician job ads for today’s on-the-go physicians, you’re welcome to watch the webinar replay for free.

And remember, when writing physician job ads: the more details you can include, the more likely you are to attract that ideal candidate.

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