3 Different Styles of Social Media Ads that Will Attract Millennial Physicians

Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you,” says Matt Goulart, CEO of Ignite Digital.

Providing for the people, in your case, millennial physicians, is going to take a strategic plan. Using ads is one of the best ways to target and engage potential candidates. Ads make your social media efforts comprehensive—you’re not just posting good opportunities and content, but making it more visible to the right people. Use the ads below to attract millennial physicians next time your health group is hiring.

Facebook link advertising

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Facebook ads could be considered the foundational ads of social media. With over one billion people actively using Facebook, and many of those users being millennials, it’s no wonder companies recognize the power and reach a Facebook ad can have. To reach millennial physician recruits, however, take a second look at Facebook link ads. They’re the most common for a reason: visible on mobile or desktop, this ad style includes an image, title, description, link to click to, and the ability for the viewer to like/share/comment on the ad.

The versatility of this ad means a few things for your health group. First, it’s visually appealing. An ad is much more likely to break through the online clutter with an image. Use stock images or professional photos from your office to show how your physicians care for patients. These ads also have a link option that physicians can click on to be directed to your page or website; less work for them, more visibility for you. You also have the chance to say what you want to through the text description—consider posting about why physicians love working for your hospital or how you use research to break the barriers in the healthcare industry. And with these link ads, you won’t have to worry about annoying or deterring physicians with pop-up ads or overly long, interactive ads. Put physicians’ Facebook scrolling to good use by posting a variety of Facebook ads that will attract their attention.

Google Ads

What, might you ask, is the golden ticket of online presence? It’s having your page come up first on a Google search. There’s no doubt a good chunk of millennial physicians’ days are spent researching job opportunities. Being at the top of their search pages is prime online real estate.

Thornley Fallis Communications recommends doing the following when you begin using Google Ads: “Create multiple ads within distinct ad groups to determine which performs best and adjust your keyword or bidding strategy on the fly. Impressions, click-throughs, keyword performance, cost-per-click are just a few insights you can get from Google.” Between the exposure Google Ads gives your health group and the ability you have to easily track how successfully your ads are performing, this should be one of the first techniques you try when reaching out to millennial physicians.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn could be considered the king of social media networking. What better way to appeal to millennial physicians than to use the platform they’re actively searching for jobs on? Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure your business profile has all the bells and whistles it needs. This includes following the companies and industry leaders in the healthcare world, showcasing the best features of your company in the description, and uploading quality pictures.

Next, you can create your ads. LinkedIn is extra nifty in that it lets you design up to 15 ad options and tests each one for you. Then you know which ads are performing well and which need some changing. There are also ads that let you promote your content to specific LinkedIn audiences. Decide which is right for your company, and begin creating ads that will get your health group noticed. This could be an opportunity to post about ways your health group values innovation or offer tips for how to provide consistently good care in a constantly evolving field.

Social media is a natural part of millennial physicians’ lives. The connecting opportunities are endless when you use social media to harness networking conversations and appeal to physicians that would best fit your work culture. Ready to start connecting with physicians? Contact PhysEmp today for a free demo.

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