Recruiters: How to Get More Physicians to Respond to Your Job Advertisements… For Free!!

If you’re a recruiter, then getting quality lead applications is your top priority, right? Here’s the quickest way for you to increase the number of qualified physicians responding to your job advertisements in 2020… at no extra cost to you!

Add a City or Zip Code to your job ads.

In the early days of the internet people used to search for topics in broad terms like “physicians jobs” and then dive down into the multiple pages of results to find exactly what they wanted. When Google entered the scene all of that started to change. In the current search climate, this is the most effective ways to get more traffic driven to your jobs. Then as sites became better at defining their content, searchers could find “Internal Medicine jobs” easily. Now people search on Google and job board sites for “Internal Medicine jobs in Los Angeles, California”. If you currently have a significant number of job postings that don’t have a “City” or “Zip Code” may not be getting any exposure on many job traffic sites.

Why might that be? Well, although most recruitment firms are afraid of their competitors snatching up their jobs, candidates are becoming used to searching for jobs that provide more information than blind ads provide. Blind ads that do not give precise locations used to be the norm in the days of print advertising. But that has proven to no longer work in online advertising. As a result sites are requiring more data to make their site more valuable than others by requiring at the minimum location.

However, with a simple tweak, you should see an increase in your ad results, with no added charge to you. All you need to do to set in motion this highly suggested “action step” is to fill in the City/State and Zip Code in the appropriate fields in your job ads.

Here’s why it’s so important to include a City/State or Zip Code in your job ads:

City/State or Zip Code are required fields for the majority of current traffic vendors (for example, Zip Recruiter, Nexxt, and Jobs2Careers). If you don’t include them, these vendors will flag your jobs and not sponsor them.
The City/State or Zip Code will help your jobs become more SEO-friendly, making them turn up higher in search results.

Further, although your jobs may be uploaded to Google Jobs they will not show unless the location is included because these ads are shown only as “Jobs near me” based on the location of the user matching the location of the advertiser.
No location, now traffic!

Most vendors are focused on applicant behavior, meaning potential candidates could be basing their search on a particular Zip Code or City/State. Jobs that include these criteria will show up in location-based job search results and get more traffic from active applicants.

Afraid to list the City/State or Zip Code on some of your jobs? That’s okay! Even adding only the zip can help some or just include that info on as many of your open positions as you can and you’ll still see an instant boost in traffic.

It’s important to remember most, if not all, job vendors—as well as physicians seeking employment—are looking for a physical location. Providing a City/State or Zip Code in the listing will not only ensure your job ad conforms with the vendors’ requirements, it will also give the physician a crucial piece of information he or she can use in his or her job search.

The bottom line? Content is king and real information defines good content. Adding this small bit of information can do big things for you and your recruiting numbers—it could legitimately be called a “best (or “smart”) practice.” This is the trend and it will continue, That’s why it should be considered a no-brainer to make adding City/State or Zip Code information to each job ad an essential part of your daily work habits. And since boosting your qualified lead applications can be done so easily (and for free!), make sure you tell your coworkers to regularly make time to update their listings with this info, as well!