It turns out everyone can help fight COVID-19

My personal experience of this pandemic is the impotence of waiting, in lock down, bending the curve. I want to pass this story on as proof that there are other options. That there are people around the country doing something for others.
We have all seen in the news the dangerous lack of disposable masks that nurses and physicians need for their own protection. Obviously, they are most exposed to the virus and most important to all of us and their patients for survival.  Already the situation is so dire in some areas that nurses are advised to use scarfs and bandanas for protection or reuse masks.
This is such a fixable problem. Leave it to  several women organizing themselves to sew masks for our local nurses. Such a simple gesture, such large consequences. It seems this idea is ironically going viral. Already there are others with the same idea, do what you can for others. Each one of us can make a difference.
I am certain that this shortage of masks will be eventually solved by the commercial hospital supply companies, but in the mean time maybe each of us can make a difference.