What Today’s New Primary Care Physicians Want in a Job

Is your private practice or medical group the kind of place where newly minted Primary Care Physicians will want to accept a job? That depends on whether or not you’re offering physician jobs that acknowledge and accommodate their needs. Today’s physicians are a different breed. And if anyone knows what drives them, it’s George Lowe, M.D., a retired physician and the medical director for Maryland Family Care, Mercy Health Services. Read more

Connection: the Key to Getting Job Offers Accepted

As every physician recruiter knows, it’s definitely a physician’s market out there! A high percent of offers are rejected by M.D.s, but it’s not always just about the salary, the community, or the perks and benefits of the positions. A lot of times, it’s about how well the interview goes and whether or not the physician candidate feels a connection with you. After all, an interview is just a conversation between two people. Here are a few tips on how to connect. Read more

Why Recruiters Should Ask Physician Candidates Behavioral Interview Questions

In today’s fast-paced hospitals and clinics, it takes more than just clinical skills for a physician to truly excel. You’re not just looking for someone with the right skill set—you’re also looking for a leader who can quickly adapt to changes, respond well to stress, work compatibly with others, be flexible in a multidisciplinary environment, communicate warmly and effectively with patients, and foster a patient-centric environment. In short, you’re looking for someone who exhibits the right behaviors, as well as skills. Read more