10 Best Cities for Physicians to Work In

Are you one of the many talented medical professionals looking for a physician-friendly city to call home? You don’t want much, really. It doesn’t have to be glamorous, unless you are into that kind of thing, and you don’t need a lot of razzle dazzle, either. What you do want is a place that emphasizes the specific factors that mean something to a doctor looking to relocate such as access to the newest medical technology, most hospitals per capita, and insured patient pool. It doesn’t matter how good of a doctor you are, either – demographics count such as mortality and morbidity rates and the prevalence of chronic disease in the area.

What about that quality of life issues like culture, climate and the ability to locate a really good mocha macchiato? Finding the right place is not easy, but there is help at your disposal. Consider these 10 of the best cities for a physician to work in.

1. Douglas, Wyoming – It’s a small town, but with a lot of potential and within commuting distance to several of the top critical access hospitals in the region. In town, you find the Memorial Hospital of Converse City and further down the road are Mountain View Regional Hospitals and Wyoming Medical Center, both of which are acute care hospitals.

Douglas may be small, but it offers an affluent patient pool, too, along with lots of stress relieving outdoor activities to keep you busy when you are not on call. Douglas has an acute care hospital for doctors who in work in trauma or orthopedics.

2. San Antonio, Texas – If you prefer the big city chaos, then San Antonio, TX is a nice alternative. San Antonio is known for its low cost of living, family-friendly environment and one or two famous sports teams. This city also provides you with a favorable malpractice atmosphere and some impressive tort reform. Pick San Antonio if you want to get ahead in pediatrics or internal medicine.

3. Indianapolis, Indiana – If San Antonio is a little southern for your taste, then you can find some of the same perks closers to the Great Lakes. Look at the job and research opportunities in Indianapolis, IN. Along with high compensation for your medical services, you can enjoy some bike riding, fishing, kayaking and canoeing – word has it they do a little bit of race car driving in this city, too. Indianapolis is a good venue for ER physicians or trauma surgeons.

4. Duluth, Minnesota – Duluth will do just fine if you love the idea of living near the Great Lakes but hate life in a big city. With a population of just 86,110, there is a lot to love about the mid-sized city on the shores of Lake Superior. Of course, in Duluth, you don’t really have to choose between rural and city life. The city of Duluth is part of a larger metropolitan area with a population of close to 300,000. This gives you access to a full range of medical resources and there are in need of good doctors there, so little competition. Duluth has opportunities for doctors working in a variety of specialties like orthopedics or internal medicine.

5. Boston, Massachusetts – To live and work in Boston, MA is associated with one thing – prestige. Physicians in Boston are affiliated with the top medical schools, hospitals and research facilities in the country. Of course, there is more to love here than Bingham and Women’s Hospital or Harvard Medical School. Boston is loaded with enough history and culture to keep you busy when you are not saving the world. Look closely at Boston is you specialize in women’s medicine or oncology.

6. Raleigh, North Carolina – If thriving metropolis is your idea of a perfect venue, then consider what Raleigh, NC has to offer physicians looking to make a change. For one thing, you gain access to medical partners like WakeMed, Rex Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital. Raleigh offers a reasonably low cost of living, too.

If the metro area of Raleigh feels like a little too much hustle and bustle for you, think about the tiny suburb of Apex, instead. You get all the same perks, but without the noise. Apex was named one of Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live.” Physicians who work in obstetrics or women’s medicine may find success in this city.

7. Birmingham, Alabama – Birmingham makes up the most populous city in Alabama, but it does it without losing the southern charm that makes this state worth considering. Known for its culture, art and music, Birmingham also offers a favorable malpractice environment, good schools and a low cost of living. Think Birmingham if you work in endocrinology or gastroenterology.

8. Boise, Idaho – It’s the best choice if you are looking for a slow-paced environment that is very affordable and more than a little obsessed with jazz. Each spring the city of Boise hosts the Gene Harris Jazz festival that brings in people from all over. Plus, Boise boasts a lower cost of living while still offering many big city amenities. And if you love the outdoors, you’ll love how close you’ll be to mountains, rivers, and trails. Boise is a practical choice if you specialize in orthopedics or trauma medicine.

9. Madison, Wisconsin – Physicians in Madison make about 14,000 dollars over the national average. If that is not reason enough for you, then the city provides a strong healthcare environment for its residents and plenty of culture including a massive fireworks display in June called “Shake the Lake.” Consider Madison if you work in family medicine or specialize in cardiology.

10. Omaha, Nebraska – It’s the good life, especially for physicians who want the best of all worlds: affordability, career opportunity and high earnings. Omaha is home to Fortune 500 companies and offers malpractice payouts per capital that fall below the national average. The city of Omaha has a nationally ranked children’s hospital if you specialize in pediatrics, too.

There are many factors to consider when looking to make a move. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re ready for a change, PhysEmp is here to help you on your way to a new life.

8 Best Places to Do Your Residency

If you’re anything like every other medical student in America, you’d like to complete your residency in a top-rated residency program and then secure employment in a top-rated healthcare facility. Here, we expand on each city and facility to give you the information you need to narrow down your options and set your sights on the prize. And, who is best to rank residency programs? Practicing physicians, of course.

These cities boast top medical residency programs selected by physicians. 

  1. Rochester, MinnesotaIt’s likely no surprise to you that Rochester is at the top of the list considering this city is home to the renowned Mayo Clinic. Only the best doctors train at Mayo Clinic; their pass rate for boards is 98%. Above and beyond being one of the best residency programs in the United States, Mayo Clinic is one of the best hospitals in the country, for everything from gynecology to urology. Your chances of getting in are improving, too – nearly 100,000 new residents could be accepted in the next twenty years according to Rochester Mayor, Ardell Brede.
  2. St. Louis, Missouri – The Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Washington University) attracted doctors to St. Louis. The Barnes-Jewish Teaching Hospital is most well-known for their Emergency Medicine residency program, which emphasizes advanced knowledge of toxicology, ultrasound, critical care, and pediatric emergency medicine. Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s residencies are four-year programs, better preparing future doctors for success in their field. St. Louis isn’t only appealing because of this first class residency program; they are also one of the most charitable cities in the US and its city park is significantly bigger than Central Park itself.
  3. Chicago, Illinois – Chicago made the list due to the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University. McGaw Medical Center offers three-year accredited residency programs in over 20 specialties including neurological surgery and and internal medicine as well as fellowships in over 40 subspecialties. This state-of-the-art facility utilizes the best technology in the industry in combination with simulation training to provide real-life education for potential medical providers. As a home base, Chicago has a lot to offer, too. The “el train” simplifies commuting and makes owning a car a luxury rather than a necessity. Chicago offers big city amenities with one-tenth of the per-square-foot price of property than New York City.
  4. Durham, North Carolina – It’s no surprise that Duke University Hospital gave Durham a spot on the list. Duke’s Internal Medicine Residency program is highly esteemed nation-wide. The faculty at Duke “nurture the intellectual curiosity” of residents for everything from cardiology to orthopedics, allowing each student to maximize their years as a resident and potential as an internist. Learning plans are individualized rather than standardized and residents have the option to choose between a variety of career paths: categorical program, preliminary program, research, global health, health care leadership, or ambulatory care leadership.
  5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The internal medicine internship programs at University of Pennsylvania landed Philadelphia on the list of best places to do your residency. The University of Penn focuses specifically on exposure to diversity through not only a diverse patient population but a diverse rotation schedule as well. Research skills, patient safety, and quality control are also emphasized. Rotations include general medicine, critical care, emergency medicine, geriatrics, neurology, and ambulatory training.
  6. Boston, Massachusetts – Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston offers an accredited and well-respected internal medicine residency. The mission of their residency program is to “provide outstanding clinical training and individualized career mentoring” to ensure every graduate soars above and beyond best practice to become a leader in academic medicine. Residents participate in research during their program to advance their potential for an investigative career. Perhaps even more noteworthy is Massachusetts General Hospital. The internal medicine residency program here puts unprecedented focus on supervised direct patient care. Residents rotate through intensive care, ED, consultation services, and general medicine. There are other reasons to live in Boston, too. Of all metro areas in the US, the average age of Bostonians is the youngest, making it a perfect fit for millennials.
  7. Baltimore, MarylandBaltimore is home to John Hopkins University, one of the best hospitals and residency programs in the entire country. John Hopkins University focuses on establishing a relationship with each and every patient and contributing to medicine through life-long learning and leadership. If you’re looking into gastroenterology, ophthalmology, or psychiatry as your specialty, you won’t find a better residency than those at John Hopkins.
  8. New York, New York – The big city made the list simply because it’s home to New York Presbyterian Hospital. This teaching hospital is associated with not just one but two Ivy League schools – Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. New York Presbyterian Hospital uses several areas of excellence to train doctors who are capable of providing patient care to the highest standard upon completion of their emergency medicine residency program:
  • residents as teachers
  • emergency medicine ultrasound program
  • airway management course
  • simulation
  • global emergency medicine program
  • wilderness medicine
  • evidence-based medicine
  • toxicology
  • pediatric emergency medicine
  • geriatric emergency medicine
  • resident research
  • residency wellness

In addition to this incredible residency program, New York boasts diversity, plenty to do, and many options to make your commute more manageable. The cost of living is one of the highest in the nation, though.

10 Best Cities for Physicians with Families

There is a lot to think about when planning your career, and location tops the list – especially if you have a family. If your family isn’t happy, well, you’re really just asking to be unhappy, aren’t you? You want to know which cities offer the best schools, the most manageable cost of living, and the culture that will fit your lifestyle. It pays to do some research before you start job hunting in any given area. In the meantime, here’s a list of 10 of the best cities for docs with families.

1. Apex, North Carolina – How is it a little town in Wake County, North Carolina tops the list of places for physicians with families? Well, for one thing, this is no ordinary little town. In 2015, Apex was rated number one on Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live whether you are a doctor or not.

Apex currently has a population of just under 44,000, but it’s growing. It’s not hard to see why this little town with its charming business district and affordable homes is a good choice for families, but what makes it right for physicians? Apex rests on the cusp of Raleigh, putting you within driving distances of some formidable medical opportunities like WakeMed, Rex Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital. With six research hospitals in the area, Apex is a practical choice for physicians interested in doing this work or those who are making family practice their specialty.

2. Austin, Texas – The Lone Star State makes the grade for a number of reasons, so if you’re heading south, think Austin. Here are a few reasons while your family will love it: The Colorado River, Lake Travis, McKinney Falls, Barton Springs, you get the idea.

Austin appears to be the king of waterways. It has a thriving music scene and its own version of a Silicon Valley, as well. On top of all that, it is ranked the second safest major city by the FBI and has a great “clean-air” policy. Consider Austin if you like to work with young children. This city has a excellent children’s hospitals (like St. David’s Children’s Hospital) and lots of families looking for the right pediatrician.

3. Boise, Idaho – If you want to go west instead of south, Boise offers some family perks (like low cost of living and one of the lowest crime rates in the country) that are worth exploring, but if your family loves love hiking and biking, Boise can’t be beat. There is an extensive network of trails in and just outside the city for those families that enjoy the outdoors.

Doctors won’t be lacking in work opportunities here, either. It is home to St. Luke’s Health Systems, Boise State University and the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Think Boise if you specialize in family practice or primary care.

4. Denver, Colorado – The Mile High City is always a practical choice because it has a little bit of something for everyone: a good school system, sports, culture, and recreation.
It has one of the lowest unemployment rates is the country, in part because it is home to many major corporations. If you are running a two-income household, Denver might be the right place for your family. Denver offers opportunities in a variety of specialties including trauma surgery and orthopedics.

5. Des Moines, Iowa – First and foremost, Des Moines provides real opportunities for physicians. It has both a low cost of living and fewer-than-average physicians hanging out their shingle there. With around 600,000 residents, that means plenty of patients looking for a doctor to call their own.

It might surprise you to know that Des Moines is known for its culture, too. It offers an award-winning opera house, a classical symphony and some top-notch festivals along with impressive medical options like Mercy Medical Center and UnityPoint Health. Des Moines is a good choice for doctors who work in general practice or pediatrics.

6. Fremont, California – Fremont, California offers some of the most recognized schools around, including ones that service kids with special needs such as the California School for the Deaf and the California School for the Blind. Located just outside the San Francisco Bay area, it has a uniquely diverse population and a very interesting history. Fremont was where Charlie Chaplin filmed some of his most famous silent movies. Look at Fremont if you work in plastic surgery or cardiology.

7. Indianapolis, Indiana – If you like the idea of living in the Midwest but don’t want to give up city life, then Indianapolis, Indiana is the best of both worlds for families. It is known for its impressive school system and affordable housing. There is this little thing that happens in Indianapolis that the whole family will love, too. You might have heard of it – the Indianapolis 500. You might call Indianapolis home if you specialize in orthopedics or nephrology.

8. Johns Creek, Georgia – The schools in Johns Creek, Georgia consistently make the top lists around the country for academic excellence, which makes this mid-sized town in Fulton County very attractive to doctors looking for a home for their families. Add to that the fact that physicians in this region make more money and pay less to live; you can see the appeal. Johns Creek might be the right choice for oncologists or physicians who specialize in geriatrics.

9. Lexington, Kentucky – Bluegrass charm, some excellent horse racing, and low cost of living and taxes and puts Lexington, Kentucky into the running for a top city. By choosing Lexington, physicians gain access to some noteworthy medical facilities, as well like Saint Joseph Hospital and the University of Kentucky Hospital. Lexington works well for those in general surgery.

10. Murfreesboro, Tennessee – Last but not least on the list is the little known mid-sized city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee – if for no other reason, because they really want you there. Murfreesboro is known to aggressively recruit physicians, tempting them with low cost of living and some fine family amenities like a working pioneer village, an 18-hole disc golf course and 7 miles of bike trails. You might consider Murfreesboro if you specialize in internal or family medicine.

Still stuck on finding your next home? Start searching for a job in a city that will be the best fit for you and your family on PhysEmp today.

11 Best Cities for Millennial Physicians

As a millennial and a physician, you have a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right place to live and work. You don’t just want something with great career opportunities – after all, you’re in the prime of life! You want a city with tons to see and do, easy access to transportation, a variety of eateries and social gathering places – a place that will fit your active social lifestyle. So how can you find the right balance of career opportunities with a city that fits your lifestyle? We’ve put together a list of the top 11 cities for millennial physicians to help you start your your search.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin – Physicians are attracted to Madison for multiple reasons – but the most pull likely comes from the high physician salary ($302,000 annually on average). In addition, Madison is a hub for art, music, and culture and the downtown housing industry is booming, making it an attractive place to live for millennials in any field. The icing on the top of the cake? Madison has open opportunities for physicians of nearly every discipline, including hospitalists and allergists to name a couple.
  2. Cambridge, Massachusetts – Named a Best City for Millennials by Forbes in 2015 (and landing at the top of that list), Cambridge boasts manageable commutes, quaint coffee shops, and a bustling night life. In addition to Harvard University, Cambridge is home to Cambridge Health Alliance and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. In addition, there are opportunities galore for physicians in Cambridge.
  3. Columbus, Ohio – Columbus is a great place for young doctors who are raising a family. The cost of living is exceptionally low and the schools are among the best in the country. There are ample work opportunities for medical doctors in Ohio; Ohio Gastroenterology Group is currently recruiting a Physician Relations Representative while Juvly Aesthetics is looking for a Medical Director.
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Like many of the other cities that made our list, Minneapolis boasts high physician compensation in comparison to national averages. The city boasts ample opportunity for outdoor sports and access to arts and culture. Minneapolis healthcare facilities are now hiring a neurophysiologist, urgent care physician, and more.
  5. John’s Creek, Georgia – Not only do doctors make more money in this suburb of Atlanta, but they also enjoy a low cost of living (for the East coast, anyway). John’s Creek offers diversity, quality schools, and upscale neighborhoods. The primary medical centers in John’s Creek are Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Gwinnett Medical Center. Current open positions in the Johns Creek area include emergency medicine, primary care, and osteopathy opportunities.
  6. Boise, Idaho – Boise’s wide open spaces and ski resort communities are a perfect fit for physicians with a flare for the outdoors or family at home. Despite the low cost of living, physician salaries match the national average. Boise is home to several first class medical facilities including the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, and Intermountain Hospital. From a specialty as generalized as primary care or as specialized as allogeneic transplants, there is a facility hiring someone like you.
  7. Birmingham, Alabama – Birmingham offers the best of both worlds – a combination of high compensation for physicians (the average is $296,000, nearly 5% above the national average) and a low cost of living, which means your dollar goes even further yet. If you’re into breweries, music festivals, or sports, they have that, too. Finally, whether you’re a cardiologist or family practice doc, there’s an opportunity to fit your expertise.
  8. Grand Rapids, Michigan – The first and perhaps most exciting attraction for healthcare providers considering employment in Michigan is the licensure process, which is accompanied by less red tape than in other states. In addition, there are high quality medical schools, universities, and healthcare organizations in the area. The majority of open positions today are for family medicine or primary care physicians.
  9. Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire – Compensation for physicians in the Manchester-Nashua area averages an impressive $322,000 a year, coming in second place in the nation. Other great reasons to consider a career in Manchester include local attractions and entertainment and comfortable weather. Massachusetts General Hospital is often seeking to add physicians to their team with current openings for a director and a family medicine physician.
  10. Arlington, Virginia – Whether your specialty is sleep medicine, occupational health, or internal medicine, there is work for you in Arlington. Arlington is not only attractive to millennials but to healthcare professionals and parents as well. Safety, parks, schools, and a manageable commute are at the top of the list of attractions.
  11. San Francisco, California – San Francisco and nearby suburbs are a great place for a young physician to settle down. Physician engagement is exceptionally high in California and the weather and scenery are more than ideal. However, the cons of living in the San Fran area include lower physician salaries and a higher cost of living.

Ready to jump-start your career? The CareerBeat blog has interview tips and more to help you land that perfect job. If you’re just starting your search for the perfect position, PhysEmp is here to help.

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