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Did you know that started out as a magazine? In 1990, our CEO, Robert Truog, published the very first issue of Physicians Employment—the national employment guide for all specialties. If you’ve been a practicing physician for more than twenty years, you might remember thumbing through the guide to read about the latest physician jobs across the country. How times have changed!

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Time capsule material! PhysEmp back in 1992, before was created.

Today, of course, it’s much easier to search for physician jobs in all specialties on With a click of the mouse, you can filter your search by specialty or state. And if you create a free profile, you can receive email updates on new opportunities as they come in, real time. You can also move from device to device as you search and apply to jobs using our mobile-friendly site.

Back in the early ’90s though, if you wanted to read up on the latest physician job opportunities across the U.S., you might have flipped through the Physicians Employment guide and seen notices like this one, below, from Universal Health Services, Inc.

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An ad from Universal Health Services, Inc., in the Physicians Employment guide, circa 1992.

We’re proud to say that, two decades later, Universal Health Services, Inc., continues to choose us to share their current physician job openings—like many other healthcare employers and healthcare recruitment firms across the nation. These days, though, we post their opportunities on our website at We moved our Physicians Employment magazine online in 1994, shortened our name to PhysEmp, and the rest is history!

Speaking of history, here’s a picture of our fearless leader and CEO Robert Truog back in the early ’90s.


“The name’s Truog. Robert Truog. Are you interested in a copy of our Physicians Employment guide?”

Dashing as ever, Mr. Truog!

The rest of Team PhysEmp was a bit younger then—and clearly, still working on our fashion sense (OK, our COO actually looks pretty chic in this pic.).

Team PhysEmp circa the early '90s. From left to right: COO Christina Ring, Customer Service Representative Melinda Fishel, Account Manager Paul Strubell, Director of Operations Theresa Melvin, Account Manager Caroline Fonvielle.

Future Team PhysEmpers circa the early ’90s. From left to right: COO Christina Ring, Customer Service Representative Melinda Fishel, Director of Operations Theresa Melvin, Account Manager Paul Strubell, Account Manager Caroline Fonvielle, Marketing Assistant Elizabeth Bender.

Little did we know then that we’d come to be working for you, our nation’s physicians! It is our honor to do so. Please let us know how we’re doing by dropping us a line to offer your feedback sometime. Fortunately, you can do so with the click of the mouse these days, rather than carrier pigeon, or whatever people used in the ’80s. 😉

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