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The PhysEmp Physician Database

Looking for strong candidates for your physician employment opportunities? PhysEmp’s easy-to-use Physician Database contains 10,000 carefully researched candidates who are actively looking for jobs. It’s the ideal adjunct to your PhysEmp advertising campaign.

Exclusive Leads

  • PhysEmp.com’s active database has 10,000+ files holding physician contact information and curriculum vitae.
  • Our active, limited-access database is only available for purchase on a limited basis. We share our database with only the most conscientious recruiters.
  • We never release our database to huge firms, and allow only those recruitment firms who will not overwork the system or dilute its quality.

Quality Leads

  • Some sites obscure detailed information. Our policy is to furnish any information we have to recruiters.
  • Nearly 40% of our physicians provide 100% of the information requested upon first entry to our system.
  • Our team carefully researches candidates to ensure they are qualified physicians before they’re added. We verify physician information to ensure candidates are serious about their job search and the information they’ve provided is accurate. We work hard to weed out candidates who have license problems.

Current Leads

  • Our Physician Database features physicians who are actively searching for work. Physicians are qualified as actively searching when they have contacted a recruiter by responding to an ad or updating contact information within the last 12 months.
  • Physicians are encouraged to remove their profile from the database when they accept employment. This policy helps to keep information current.
  • We constantly update profile information. A good share of our day is spent talking to physicians and verifying their search criteria and credentials. We strive to provide the most accurate information possible without turning away physicians by pressuring them into fill disclosure at the onset of a new job search.

Easy to Use

Your time is valuable, so we’ve made PhysEmp’s Physician Database extremely easy to use. Your recruiters will be able to quickly access the information physicians have provided, such as: name, physical address, email address, phone numbers, residency completion date, US Citizenship or Visa information, CV, relocation options, board-certified status, board eligibility status. Armed with this information, you may contact physicians directly and qualify them for your current job opportunities.


  • Database services are available only as an addendum to advertising.
  • PhysEmp’s Physician Database does not feature nurses. All Nurse allied health professionals are separated into the NursEmp.com database.

Let us help you find qualified leads faster. Contact us, and we’ll schedule a database demo at your earliest convenience!

-The PhysEmp Team
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