Our team is passionate about connecting physicians
with recruiters and employers! Meet our team and learn what makes us tick.

Meet the PhysEmp Team

Robert Truog
CEO and Founder

Our fearless leader—and the visionary behind PhysEmp.com. When Robert Truog first started PhysEmp.com in 1994, it was one of just two physician job boards out there. Many imitations have sprung up since then, but thanks to Robert, PhysEmp.com is still leading the pack.

Born for business, Robert has decades of experience running established companies and growing successful start-ups. Robert credits his many achievements to magnetic charisma, but we all know he succeeds because he keeps a keen eye on the big picture while always putting clients first. Over the years, as modern technologies have advanced, Robert’s made sure PhysEmp has evolved along with them to make your life easier.

Here in the Heartland, Robert runs our company with solid community values—building strong client relationships has always been the core of our business. And by keeping our costs low—we’re able to keep your costs low, too.

Theresa Melvin
Director of Operations

In college, Theresa tried out as a cheerleader and quickly became team captain. Same thing here! She started out as a Customer Service Manager at PhysEmp.com, but soon leaped to the top of the pyramid and become Director of Operations. Now, she’s in charge of all things operations, including physician support, customer service, lead generation, website traffic and more.

Theresa has a strong background in sales and training and is level headed, gregarious, vibrant, and intelligent. You can count on her to make good decisions and to keep her teammates’ morale high. Her motto is: “We work hard so you don’t have to!” That’s the kind of positive, upbeat energy we love around here. Go, team!

Melinda Fishel
Customer Service Representative

Look in any dictionary under "people person," and you're bound to find a picture of Melinda Fishel. Warm, friendly, helpful and skilled, she's the perfect person to assist doctors as our Physicians Customer Service Representative. She's fun, fast on the uptake, and handles every task with gusto.

Over the past 18 years, Melinda has lent her winning personality and customer service savvy to a wide range of organizations, including Books are Fun, Readers Digest; Mercy Medical Center; Ottumwa Regional Health; and others. She has an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in HIT and also used to be on two different bowling leagues. You might say Customer Service is right up her alley!

Shepley Hansen
Graphic Designer

Shepley Hansen is to design what Lindt is to chocolate. Simply put, he’s the best. With more than 35 years of experience in graphic design for all media—including web design, advertising design, print design, package design, and corporate identity—he’s a maestro of design with a keen eye for composition.

As PhysEmp’s Graphic Designer, Shepley is responsible for developing and maintaining the look and feel of our brand, from our website to our print materials (he the chose and color and font of the very words you are reading). A true artiste, Shepley loves nothing more than a challenge and the blank canvas of his computer screen. You can see more of his work at his company website, Bluebird Graphics.

Christina Ring

There’s really no one in the world who can fill Christina Ring’s size 7 platform shoes. As PhysEmp’s COO, she’s the multitasking maven who supervises all daily operations—from budgeting and billing, to marketing, strategizing, team leading, and more. While ensuring clients’ satisfaction on a day-to-day basis, she keeps a visionary eye on the horizon, constantly striving to expand PhysEmp’s offerings.

How did she get this awesome? Christina holds an M.B.A. and has a decade of experience in management, marketing, sales, and accounting. From securities trading to e-commerce project management, Christina’s career has spanned all manner of high-performance roles in the medical, finance, retail, and nonprofit sectors. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Christina has the most energy—and stilettos—of any member of the PhysEmp team.

Caroline Fonvielle
Account Manager
Toll Free: 800-267-6115

Caroline Fonvielle is the kind of person you’d want as your team member on “The Amazing Race.” A fast learner, she’s energetic, spunky, personable—and most importantly—she gets the job done.

Friendly, efficient and effective, Caroline listens carefully to clients’ needs so she can meet—and exceed—them. She holds an MBA and has spent time as both a Business Development Coordinator at an Investment Research firm and a university-level Graduation Director. With her cheerful demeanor, keen business sense and solid work ethic, we expect no less than world domination from Caroline.

Paul Strubell
Account Manager
Toll Free: 800-267-6115

Paul Strubell is the kind of guy who brings clarity, intelligence and creativity to any situation. A skilled salesman and communicator, he excels as a PhysEmp Account Manager. At home, he has a dog, a cat, a duck, a snake, and a baby snapping turtle-and none of them have eaten each other! That should give you some indication of the calm, orderly presence Paul maintains when life, or the office, becomes a zoo.

A true entrepreneur, Paul has launched or been involved in a number of startups, including his Mustang Auto Trading, LLC and Heavenly Organics, LLC. He's currently working on a B.A. in Communication Studies, and we expect that by the end of his degree he'll be running the place. To complete the hat trick, he is also the host of a local radio talk show called Sports Talk.

Saulius Razmas

PhysEmp CTO Saulius Razmas is the strong, silent, programming type. A man of few words, he knows his HTML and CSS like the rest of us know our ABCs. Saulius has over 15 years of experience as a software architect, all of which combine to make him the ideal mastermind of PhysEmp.com.

No matter the IT quandary, Saulius can resolve it quickly and intelligently. Java courses through his veins like blood, and he eats Perl code for breakfast. At PhysEmp, he uses his technical savvy to troubleshoot and strategize innovative ways to connect recruiters to talented physicians across the nation. All this from his quiet corner in Kansas City.

Christine Schrum
Copywriter & Social Media Strategist

Christine Schrum is a Facebook addict, a word nerd, and an obsessive grammarphile. As PhysEmp’s Copywriter, she dots our i’s, crosses our t’s, and ensures our company voice is fun, accessible, and professional. As our Social Media Strategist, she develops social platforms and strategies to engage clients and meet their needs.

Christine has an M.A. in Professional Writing and a decade of experience writing for top brands including Artexpo New York, Overland Sheepskin, Kohls, Spiegel, and more. Blogging and posting on Facebook are second nature to her because she’s an awesome communicator—and frankly, she never stops talking!

Livia Cole

Livia Cole believes that every business owner needs to know some accounting. As PhysEmp’s meticulous Accountant, she adds immense value and multiplies our company’s success. With years of solid experience in corporate finance management and bookkeeping, she keeps an eagle eye on every penny that goes in and out our doors.

Outside the office, this Renaissance woman divides her time between freelance writing, video editing, film production, jewelry-making and dancing. She’s also an amazing cook. Whatever she takes on, she tackles with gusto, and excellence is the common denominator of her many talents.